Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Free font: Essentia

Here's Essentia v1 - my font; it sucks, so it's free (and in a beta kind of style aswell, but "oh, well")! It's free while I work on so many errors it has.

At the moment, it's not the best font in the world, and it only has a few characters.

Some quick stuff about the font:
  • It's not been kerned
  • It's public domain.
  • It's just darn ugly.
  • If there's any (c) Ben Swift on the font, it's not copyright. So just ignore that.
But apart from that, enjoy!


Download Essentia here

Monday, 15 December 2008

First Freebie Preview!

OK, so it might not be the best font in the world; there's probably a thousand better ones, and most of them are free (thanks to Ray Larabie), but I'm going to join in, especially after I've wasted sheets and sheets of paper with letters & symbols on.

So here's the preview:

About the font

It's called Ponty Sans, named after Pontypridd, the area where I used to live before I moved to sunny Sussex, where I now reside.

So, people, some feedback would be appreciated, and comments are good; negative or positive.

Hey, Y'all!

Well, hey, people reading my blog! This is TwinCircuits, and I've got loads of stuff to tell you, but you've got to be friendly first; so hey!

Let me tell you a little about myself: I'm 14, I'm a web, application & graphic designer; I do a little bit of code, but not much.

I'm actually working with a Visual Basic developer to bring you all sorts of cool programs, the first of which being iLearn, where I'm designing icons & a font (which will be released to the public, bundled with the program), as my first project at TC.

Hopefully, I'll get my developer to post on here for you code-junkies aswell, and who knows? We might end up with a honking great big team!